16 Personality Test

Overview of this Questionnaire

This personality test is useful for understanding yourself and others. Remember that it's alright that it may take you a little more or less time than average to complete the test. And if you get stressed while taking the test, feel free to stop and take it later instead. It's best not to force it if you're having an off day and not to retake the test very often.

Here are some tips on how to take our personality test.

1. Be yourself. Base your answers on your natural, core self more than how you've learned to act in specific circumstances - for example, when you're freely doing whatever you wanted versus being at work.
2. Be centered. It's best to take the test when you're in relatively normal (for you) mood. Your emotional state, whether positive or negative, can affect how you answer the questions. 
3. Avoid distractions. Take the test when you're not preoccupied with personal thoughts, life events, things in your immediate environment, etc. It's best to focus and not rush.
4. Let majority rule. Base your answers on what's most applicable to you most of the time. If two options seem to be fit, an "If I could pick only one forever, which would it be?" approach can help.  
5. Don't overthink it. There are no wrong answers if you're being honest, so try not to argue with yourself about the right answer or be influenced by someone else. Most people's initial response is solid. 

Carefully review all fields and provide complete and accurate information. There is no right or wrong answer.  

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INFORMED CONSENT:  This survey questionnaire is a standardized psychological test which we have made available electronically and includes your informed consent prior completion, highlighting the following:

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  4. Through this form, the information gathered, assessment results, the purpose, duration, and specific instructions were clearly stated to you and you understand that MindWell, as your service provider, will determine on an on-going basis whether the condition being assessed and/or treated is appropriate for an online session.
  5. You understand and agree that upon completion of this form, you will participate in the planning of your child/student's care, treatment, or services and that you may withdraw consent for such care, treatment, or services at any time.

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Instructions for Completion

Kindly rate and choose your answer based on what is most applicable to you most of the time. There is no right or wrong answer on this test. Answer each statement as honestly as possible.