Company team

    Zushene Marie Garduque, RPm

    Meet Zushene, a devoted member of our guidance staff, with two years of unwavering dedication to serving our student community with essential guidance services. Renowned for her serene and inviting demeanor, she cultivates an environment where clients feel comfortable and empowered to share openly during sessions. Beyond her role, Zushene is driven by her passion for writing, crafting, and educating, especially in the realm of psychoeducational materials. With a background in clinical settings as a psychometrician, her expertise enriches every interaction, ensuring comprehensive support for students in need.

    Professional Credentials

    • Licensed Psychometrician (License Number 0028966)

    Industry Experience

    •  Education

    Key Roles and Contributions

    • Student Wellbeing Specialist

    • Student Wellbeing Center- Lead

    • MindWell Psychometrician

    Academic Credentials

    • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

    • Certificate in Human Resources Management

    Zushene envisions herself positively impacting the lives of countless students as they navigate their academic journey and self-discovery. With attentive ears to listen and a compassionate heart to empathize, she is dedicated to offering unwavering support to the student body.